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PRMSSN Debranded

PRMSSN debranded read-a-long

Hey there! I’m Danny.

Welcome to my blog—a glimpse shot into my inner world. I’m really excited to dive into this passion project; it’s been a dream for so long. At the top of the year, January of 2019 to be clear, I purchased Permission2Love’s URL and began branding my mana1.

Now, in October of the same year, I’m back telling a new story—the debranded vision of Permission2Love. Listen on to hear the full tale.

Right. So…

When I first started this blogsite, Permission2Love, it wasn’t meant to be commercial…and yet..I still approached it in a commercial way.

Let me explain.

I first intended to map my healing journey as an empath and wanderer, maybe shine some light on the dead ends and rough roads I’d traveled. And I remember feeling limited in my ability to express and share myself on my blog site that I’m paying for with my money. Like I had to fit into a box or something.

And instead of challenging that feeling or, concern rather, I mistakenly challenged myself to fit into that box. Seriously? It was like trying to squeeze into a pair of jeans two sizes too small.


And y’know, I really can’t say that I didn’t know that I am waaay too much Personality and waaay too much saturated with knowledge to fit into a teeny tiny box. Because I did know that. First off, I am not even box-shaped. I am curved in figures and forms, uncontainable by rigid and fixed ideas. In other words, I can’t be tamed.

And despite knowing all of this, I still decided to try my hand at contortionism. You know, literally fitting into a box. Why would I ever do such a thing? To please others, of course. Why would anyone who realizes their unique sense of awesome deny themselves of that awesomeness?

You know, I’d heard the advice “Do things your own way” a thousand times, and yet I seemed to have missed the cue to apply it. In hindsight, I thought that I was. But actually, I was allowing societal demands to chip away at pieces of my vision; meanwhile my own judgments and resentments were busy misguiding my perception of freedom and being and possibility.

I always wanted my blogsite to convey my character—you know my experiences, choices, opinions, my autonomies —and to carry forth my vision of change…to share and exercise my gifts, passions, my potential. NOT to exploit them.

I’m not a brand. I’m a person. I’m not for sale; and neither is my likeness. Now that doesn’t mean that I won’t or can’t profit off of my unique contributions. But it does mean that I won’t sell pieces of myself to gain someone else’s idea of success and happiness.

Today, I begin my new journey as observer and agent of change, growth, transformation and creation. The debranding process. It’s exciting and striking to embrace this new playing field with the world. With you.

Love, Danny ♥

1. mana is a borrowed Polynesian term to suggest inner magic, personal power, mystical airt or essence

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