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How-To Make Tough Decisions and Stick with Them

Healing and living and loving are, essentially, consequences of choice. With every tough decision we make, we grow courageous and faithful in our ability to decide. Once we develop an openness to check-in with ourselves, deciding comes with ease.

The Best Way to Recuperate from a Period of Burnout

The best way to recuperate from burnout is to Play! But what does it mean to play? Simply, to enjoy your imagination.

Playing in a way that opens your heart will lighten your mood, clear your mind and help you to feel relaxed. Burn out happens when the busyness of day to day life swarms your sense of fun-to-getshitdone ratio. Let your inner child take the wheel.

The Key Elements Of A Breakthrough

Sometimes we feel weak, shattered, tired. We don’t want to deal with the reality of how deep our wounds can go. It’s too scary. It’s too much work. It’s too intense. It hurts too bad. But it is wise to listen when these excuses speak: They shed a light on our feelings of resistance.

Where resistance ends, resiliency begins. The brilliance of our hearts’ strength is vital in plowing through the blocks that our minds have set up to protect our wounds. In order to Heal, we must approach these blocks with gentle compassion and openness. We must pay attention to our feelings of resistance; it is the resistance we feel that leads us to where our innerstrength lies dormant.

Earth Mother in the eyes of Sky Father

For many centuries, Sky Father has insisted that his way would ensure peace. Surely separating the dark from the light, the unconscious from the conscious, moon from sun, night from day, feminine from masculine, woman from man, man from nature… Surely, the opposites will grow in their distinctness for the better. Sky Father transcends the Earth and leaves us to our own demise. Earth Mother holds Sky Father accountable.

Live in your heart not in your head, stupid.

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