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The Secret Formula for How YOU Can Transcend Your Sadness ASAP

The only playlist you need to transform your sadness into seeds for growth and healing.

“The trick to dealing with any emotion is to let it breathe.”

Danny ♥

Healing happens in honest stages, some of which are heavy and empty, some unpleasant and constricting. The truth is that sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better because what was working before either wasn’t really working or won’t work any longer. Shift happens.

I am an empath and when I have feelings of sadness, I mean I really feel fucking miserable… and it sucks, but it also means that I’m connected with my heart and open for discussion.

Letting Your Sadness Live.

Feeling sad is a natural human emotion. Feelings of sadness are usually signals that your wounds are calling out for healing; meaning, your cocoon is waiting for you, caterpillar. In a deeper sense, a transformative adventure is waiting for you in the exact place you’re meant to be.

It’s important to realize that emotions are instinctive drives of energy that motivate us and call us to honest action. Allowing an emotion to show up for itself is half the battle in learning to deal (engage) and heal (release). The trick to dealing with any emotion is to let it breathe. Not to ignore it, erase it, suppress it or try to control it…but to just let it be.

“Emotions are asking you for space to express themselves…”

Danny ♥

Letting Your Sadness Speak (passive engagement).

The other half of the battle involves mindfully allowing yourself to be in the moment with your sadness in order to hear its message.

Feel it. Breathe it. Hug it. Bathe in it. Lie with it. Nurture it. Put it to bed. Love it. Dance with it. Let it go… That’s the process.

Listening to your emotions, or passive engagement, will unlock a deeper awareness and emotional intelligence. It will become easier to understand that your instinctive drives of energy…emotions…are asking you for space to express themselves (through you) and require time in the limelight. It will get easier to hear your heart call and to answer back with vulnerability. It will get easier to deal as you heal.

Letting Your Sadness Go (active engagement).

“Actively engaging with your emotions will help to set them free.”

Danny ♥

Now that you’ve stepped aside to passively engage with your sadness, follow through with a form of creative expression, or active engagement. This will allow releasing potential to unlock.

People are afraid to outwardly express sadness because it can be consuming and exhausting and feel very permanent; but, in fact, emotions are distinct elements of expression from your heart’s depths. Finding creative outlets to express your sadness is necessary to develop healthy coping skills and a balanced emotional state. Actively engaging with any of your emotions will help to set them free.

The Only Playlist You Need to Transcend Your Sadness.

One simple way that I actively engage with my sadness is by lending those feelings a voice through music. Playing with music as a creative outlet can be a transformative experience that allows you to connect and engage with your heart’s messages. I’ve curated a playlist of 5 songs that help me to invite my sadness into my awareness. Some of the songs act to soothe my scorns and some leave me feeling vulnerable to the sad truth because I hear the message loud and clear. Sometimes it hurts, but opportunities for growth and healing open up and the blue soils in my heart are discovered and transformed again and again.

You can download the playlist here. May your sadness become the very seeds that feed your healing journey.

Closing note for readers: There is a wise guidance in the rhythm of your heart. For, a heart is not inherently happy or sad. Nor is it good or bad. A heart simply pumps.

What are your favorite croons and tunes to listen to when you’re feeling blue? “Feel good” music? Sad love songs? Comment below to share!

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