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Return Me To Myself

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Return Me To Myself

My mind struggles to accept

The truth your eyes convey..

They shine, they speak, they say

“This way

      to eternity”

My heart remembers to beat

as my lips forget to speak of the strength, once

weak, I gain

     at the twitch of your cheeks/

A smile I don’t deserve

     Reserved for a better me…

Here, I am better; there, I am of slack

from the lack

     of promise hinted in your laugh

With you, the mask of hard & rash

     unveils, and I feel your joy

      for life./   I wish to adopt it as my own

Before I returned or heard your calls,

I was trapped in a land where water falls…

without a path,

/I found my way.

You’d called me home

I chose to stay

      where the butterflies reside,

within your eyes..

Skin to skin, heart to heart

It all begins where it fell apart.

Your voice

has woken me from slumber,

   & I wonder

      If we’ve met before

   In a land where water pours & pours

I’m sure your eyes will tell it all  And recall: love is magic and worth the fall.

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