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Earth Mother in the eyes of Sky Father

For many centuries, Sky Father has insisted that his way would ensure peace. Surely separating the dark from the light, the unconscious from the conscious, moon from sun, night from day, feminine from masculine, woman from man, man from nature… Surely, the opposites will grow in their distinctness for the better. Sky Father transcends the Earth and leaves us to our own demise. Earth Mother tsks in disapproval.

Mother Earth prepares gentle waves to lap at the shore and guides harsh waters to crash onto jagged rocks. Mother Earth caresses humid air and cradles burning trees. She connects us to destruction, creation, rejuvenation and self-regulation. She connects us to each other. Her green lands hold space for spirits of weavers and tales of manyness. Earth Mother chooses to nurture us. She holds Sky Father accountable.

Recently, Sky Father looked down onto Earth. He sees Earth Mother in a new light. He notices that where his light shines, her darkness reflects and where her darkness strikes, his light illuminates. Where does she begin and he end? Sky Father remembers that long ago, he and she were dynamically One. Wed and whole. Sky Father realizes that he and she are still One. Divorced and imbalanced.

Separation has caused chaos, Sky Father notes. More fear. More hate. More dominance. Less equality. Less respect. Less connection. The only order in the chaos is Her. Her unpredictability. Her will to restore balance. Her beauty. Her fury. Still, Sky Father just “knows” his way was necessary (if not a little over excessive). Because now, Earth Mother will rise into her power with a fiery fierceness, tip the scales, and reclaim her sovereignty!

There he goes again, says Sky Mother. It is the stories he feeds the humans, the spells of separateness, that lead to confusion. Awakening to a deep connection to me, each other, everything, nothing… That will raise the vibration of our planet. It is seeing that the “Other” in Jim is the shadow in You. It is the feel of collective Love that matters. This is the deeper truth and the narrative that must be restored.

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