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read-a-long feat. Lorde
To Look Into The Water, a digital collage by me ♥

She floats against the spotlight.
So poised with pain;
tragic beauty outlines her perfection.
A sense of mischief is evident in her mass of energy,
usually behind the scenes. Tonight,
she’s come out to play–
A guest appearance forever imprinted in the eye of the light.
Her sinister cheer is unmasked, proudly.
“This is me,” it says.
Fluidly pasting reflections of heartbreak with purpose, 
she moves with a fool’s flexibility.

She is pregnant with laughter drowned by tears
& flows shaded by breezes of power lusts;
She is full of divinity…so light on her feet.
Sober steps come with ease. The void protrudes
indefinitely. The spotlight even yields
to her darkened absence.
She lures, shamelessly, our hearts out of hiding;
stirs our thoughts to align.
Our proclivities dance away with her.

Her movements are greedy and generous.
She finds bliss in the pain, basks in the suffering
she leaks…we are summoned by her 
silent arrival.

We peek into her nothingness and we see
e v e r y t h i n g.

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