About Me

Danny Heart

M.A., Course Creator, Sensitivity Coach, Spiritual Advisor

Danny Heart, M.A., is a creative shaman born to a matriarch of spiritual leaders, empaths and healers. She is deeply seized by the colors of human suffering, the complexities of emotional trauma, and consequential alchemical healing. She has a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Writing, and a master’s degree in Depth Psychology and Creativity.

While her years studying the humanities pair well with her life-long dwellings in the imaginal and spiritual realms; her imaginative abilities, informed by scholarship and arts-based research, yield innovative healing methodologies and exciting transformational journeys.

Danny Heart takes pride in reconciling the creative image of God’s omniscience, deep cosmological awareness, and real-world musings through heart-based practices and art.

Work With Me
  • Energy Readings
  • Coaching
  • Spiritual Advising
  • Course Creation