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“I signed the slip that says I’ll go wherever my heart desires.”

Danny ♥

Healing is not a linear, logical or, at times, lucid process. Wounds in need of healing are not nurtured in solitary confinement. All of our wounds spill out, fall over and touch each other. Healing is complicated and messy and chaotic. Healing is married to destruction, is siblings with vulnerability and trust. Healing is equal parts exhausting and refreshing, heavy and light. Healing takes nerve, guts, and serious commitment.

So why do we all strive to heal?

Because healing is a symbol of Love. Healing is a call for adventure that we all hear and may choose to answer. Our hearts require aligned action to overcome the amnesia our minds face. When we tune into our heart’s station, we unlock an unimaginable potential of creative and healing power. We become natural explorers and observers. We begin to learn the world again (and again).

Some of us naturally experience a bottomless reality calibrated with higher sensitivities to a great source of unconditional love. We are Empaths. Our healing journeys are commonly marked with false senses of responsibility, intense feelings of isolation, and phases of imbalanced energy levels. But mostly, we experience deep desires to heal the world. We are Wanderers. We are pulled to grow and change and never stop. We seek to bring the light of consciousness into the depths of the soul. We want to touch Love.

I have started this blog to share my journey down the winding road to Love Love Love from Loss and Sorrow. I am here. To remind you, that You are NOT alone in your healing journey. We can choose to give love, show up, handle pain and celebrate compassion together. We can heal together.

I welcome you all to embark on this quest with me. I challenge you to answer the call, to honor your heart and pledge allegiance to the first memories of existence: Love.

Sign the Permission slip. and Take my hand. We can walk together.

When we heal ourselves, we heal the world.

Mark Nepo
Fernandez, John M., Can’t Help Falling In Love (Saxophone Cover). 2016.

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  1. I find this pretty amazing as it touches base with alot of internal thoughts and so-called feelings. Commending your direction of awareness on your journey new friend. I, humbly appreciate my BEING is allowed to be a part. Wherever it may lead.

    Connected Truly,


    Liked by 1 person

    • “Connected Truly,” there is power behind the simple words you speak. I’d like to adopt them into my heart and discourse. May the light in you continue to ignite the flame in others. Sending Love, Danny ♥️


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