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Author: Danny ♥

Proud Piscean. Twenty-three with an eternity of Love to give.~ The struggles and traumas of childhood neglect held me in fear, anger, melodrama, and alas, a false bravado. I can’t explain the randomness of my awakening other than It was Time and I was Chosen. I had been Sinking where I was born to swim. but Love chose me. and, Once I chose Love too, I remembered how to float.

His & Hers

One of the very first poems I’ve ever written. I was sick in bed and just discovered Alina Baraz. I listened to her “Pretty Thoughts” on repeat for hours as I birthed this poem.


of a confrontation with the unconscious

Digging for Treasure: X marks the Start

of overcoming writer’s block and
cowardice: I’ve been living with half a heart. an honest lunatic who plays & creates & dances & twirls in Words. Knowledge. Enigmas. Systems. And sure, I’m also a Writer but I am not limited to writing. I am destined.