Course Calendar

The course outline is as follows:

3 -Part Module


The Reciprocal Principle
The Redeeming Quality
Sensuous MovementConscious SurrenderHealthy Sacrifice
Us and NatureSpiritual FencingSavior Complex
Learning from PainWorking with PainMastering Pain
Table 1 shows the content explored during the course program. The top row lists the Modules, or overarching themes, of the program; the columns list the specific topic, or lesson, for the week.
Here’s what our weeks will look like: The week will start on Monday with emailed content, and will end on Sunday’s with live discussion.

Week 1: Sensuous Movement

Week 2: Us and Nature

Week 3: Learning from Pain

Week 4: Conscious Surrender

Week 5: Spiritual Fencing

Week 6: Working with Pain

Week 7: Healthy Sacrifice

Week 8: Savior Complex

Week 9: Mastering Pain

where we apply sensitivity as gift of perception

where we awaken the intuitive imagination with our 5 senses

where we address the reality of empathic suffering

where we move into withness and learn to bear witness

where we implement spiritual disciplines for empathic sensitivity

where we listen into our empathic susceptibilities

where we position deep empathy as sacred wound

where we affirm that we don’t need saving, and others don’t either

where we (gracefully) fall into truth

Below you’ll find a calendar for your pursuing. I suggest using the “Agenda” tab located at the top right corner for easy viewing.