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Daily Heart Messages

June 2020

6.30 The sweet light of the moon glows with an anticipatory allure today. Our most adoring aspirations and deep-felt heart dreams are in route for actualization. Stay the course of the path that lights you up, both inside and out. You’ll find that the moon’s cyclical motion follows the same path and leads the way. When we allow the source of divine love to seize our vision, our heart illuminates gratitude and joy; creating the container for our manifestations to take form. We’re guided today to stand tall in our sensuous authenticity, appreciate what’s come to pass, and rejoice for what’s to be.

6.29 Doubling down on prayers of peace, balance, and liberty today may feel increasingly counterintuitive as feelings of doubt and hopelessness seep in. The Universe reminds us, however, that our prayers are offerings on behalf of the heart and soul; and as such, the power of prayer reverberates beyond our judgement and understanding. Releasing impossible demands of instant gratification and perfection opens us up to the invisible movement of an ensouled world. We’re guided to watch for areas of doubt and desperation in order to identify our energy blocks. Call upon the light of love to lift your spirits, sooth your worries and empty you of malaise.

6.28 Today, we’re prompted to invoke our patience and our depth. In time we’ll see the rhyme and the reason for any upset, and may come to understand disturbance as a natural phenomenon. For now, the heavens are exalting empathy as the way to finding your way. Holding space for otherness to merge into sameness asks that we reshape our patterns of thinking around independence and self-made success. Matching is a need to dethrone misleading ideas of valor as the Universe nourishes the toughened hearts everywhere.

October 2019

10.20 Somewhere along the way, we started to become who we’re becoming. Today, we’re asked to realize all of the childhood dreams and visions we still carry in our hearts; for, they mark who we’ve always been. Seasoned and aware, we can return to those spaces of inner playfulness and wishful imagination with informed experience and tailored foresight. The source of divine love cradles our fears so that we may feel free to dream again in hues unique to our own vision. Let your sheltered heart soften and open to a new period of learning through play.

10.19 The truth is that stillness does not mean, necessarily, “a lack of movement;” rather, periods of stillness require a form of inactive action and voluntary suspension. In this “tapped in” space, we are able to sift through our troubles with ease; develop quiet superpowers; and shift our attention, vibration, and perception through wholly engaging our five senses–and exercising our sixth (the heart sense). The cosmic energy today suggests extreme levels of sensitivity. Carriers of soft energy are outwardly magnetic, erotic, and soothing right now, and a need for your compassion is strong. Gentleness is infused with divine love today as we’re guided to share our softness with self, others, and the world.

10.18 There’s no rush to make your next move. After a long battle of surviving personal and societal shadows, retreating into a peaceful state is exactly what’s needed. As old burdens continue to crumble away, we heal and re-stabilize through enjoying our own company. The Universe matches our determination to successfully complete this closing cycle with gentle guidance and clear direction. Keep an eye peeled and an ear open.

10.17 Today, we’re asked to give up the fronts and put away the masks we once wore, indefinitely. This is a serendipitous period to roam merrily among our emotional worlds and authentic depths. We are cleared to break fast from the dry regions and droughts of our inner landscapes, and are encouraged to freely explore our most nourished and cherished selves. A new era of lessons and blessings is ready to begin. Commit to showing up from a receptive center while the Universe works on your behalf.

10.16 Today, we’re guided to slow down and observe our motivations and drives. Consider what’s moving you now and what is needed of you to move further onto your chosen path. The Universe shares that it is a time to heal brokenness and/or issues of trust in some capacity. Many of us are relearning to trust our inner voice, our hunches, and our knowings. We are asked to stop and think now in order to avoid traps and wrong turns that can bring undeserved chaos and consequence. This is not a call for overthought or speculation but a call to lean further into your heart’s loving wisdom.

10.15 Leaping out of spaces of illusion and deception encourages bursts of resilience and courage from us today. Our higher selves and inner forces have been waiting for this moment. Though the movement may feel forceful and/or threatening, the sense of relief thereafter is instant. As we move out of turbulent spaces, the Universe sends loving assistance our way. You may feel taken aback by how quickly the storm settles but are guided to embrace the stillness, and release the need for wild adventure. In the meantime, your own self-love will quench this thirst.

10.14 An air of dropping burdens of expectation surrounds us following the potent luminescence of the full moon. Today we’re dusting our shoulders off and counting our blessings. It is the perfect time to move forward in pursuits of the heart, healing, and passion projects as the Universe beckons us into a calm and comforting time. You may have been exercising impossible self-restraint and/or, at times, engaging in torturous “get-to-know-Self” exercises that have deepened your awareness of your emotional wealth and personal magic. Continue to put one foot in front of the other as you further encounter the direction you’re heading in and realize more of what you’re made of.

Review and reread past heart messages to get a grasp of the heart energies of the past seasons on the pages that follow. These energies are still flowing forward and streaming into our current energetic atmospheres, seeking integration and mastery.

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