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Daily Heart Messages

August 2019

8.28 We’re guided to check in with the voice of our higher selves today. There is important self-knowledge about the ways of our shadows that needs welcoming and integration into our conscious awareness. You may be unable to accurately perceive the value of your own heart and truth at this time, for the influence of negative self-talk perpetuates fear-based living. The Universe pushes us to call on our inner strength in order to cut through our self-defeating perceptions and beliefs. We can appreciate these challenges as opportunities to empty ourselves of low vibrating energy by shifting into a space of gratitude.

8.23 Can you appreciate the rock bottoms and dark days…as surviving our darkest hours echoes the strength of our light. We are shedding hardened layers of grief and regret, allowing us to steadily bloom into equilibrium and alignment with divine love. Our greatest aspirations are yet to come. Today, the Universe works to displace anguish and misery for the wounded heart. Unresolved conflict and heartache may feel unbearable in these days. Know that with sincere ambition and deepened vulnerability, your shadows may be befriended and recast. We’re guided to stay firm in our rightful power and to employ the miracle work of the heart. Will it forward and watch the light move.

8.22 Today, we’re given glimpses of incoming promise and reward that we’re so deserving. We’re close to claiming our most wanted desires and are asked to vibrate into alignment with our goals. Continue to embrace the changes that are unblocking your heart, raising your vibration, and keeping a smile on your face. As we become more receptive of joy and healthful pleasure, we also welcome in a revitalizing creative flow and harmonious collaborations with kindred souls. Allow your relations with others to boost your confidence and mirror the trust and good intentions that you have for yourself.

8.21 The moon has a secret to share today. Karmic debts are forgiven under the magnificent moonshine. The karmic lessons and experiences we’ve endured have initiated powerful shifts in our psychic understanding and spiritual prowess. The Universe oversees the balanced meeting of heart and mind, and guides us to use this harmonious time to faithfully manifest our dreams. The inner work you’ve carried out is ready to emerge into soft gifts of profit and abundance. Time to stake your claim.

8.20 Stay the course calling to your heart. Today, consider your wishes with earnest contemplation and sensibility. Where are you needing a miracle to come through? A wish is blessed with inevitability and certainty from the Universe but requires us to surrender the how. Gently release control issues and embrace the mystery of miracles. It is your belief that fuels your spiritual strength and personal magic. Not only is the timing perfect, but the Universe is leading us directly to the win.

8.19 We’re feeling a bit awkward and hesitant in our approach to authentic living. You may have questions on how to move forward from a healthy heart space, today. The Universe urges us to throw caution to the wind and to follow through with loving action in all of our efforts. The truth is that the heart knows the way forward if only we choose to think less and feel more. However, the heart’s dreams need structure. Allow your mind to loosely arrange your desires into strategy and agenda with breathing room for pure faith.

8.18 The time has come to push through resistance and to abandon fear, doubt, and limitation. There is something you know deep in your heart that is calling you toward purpose and performance. The Universe presents us with a deal of the heart; if Divine love works to dissolve our fears, we must work to reclaim our belief. Lean into the soothing winds, carrying blessed change and promise.

8.17 Say YES to dreaming. Say YES to soaring. Say YES to beginning again and YES to living life on your terms. The ball is in your court today. The Universe calls us to emerge into authentic potential and refreshed ambition. We’re gifted beginner’s luck as we catch sight of the positive, new patterns forming. The old paradigm is continuously crumbling as we surge into abundance, deliverance and endless possibility.

8.16 We’re guided to remain steady in our manifestation processes. The powerful lunar energy is working to do away with all that detracts from our confidence, power, truth, and faith. The illuminate moon is shining light on our inner strength and nourished dreams, highlighting our inherited gifts, abilities, skills and/or talents. Continue to make room for spiritual growth by emptying out constricting beliefs and illusion. All of life is before you, we’re asked to simply go for it.

8.15 What lights you up inside? What gives you the swarming sensation of butterflies and flushed cheeks? What floods your heart with emotion and awe? We’re asked to sit among the stillness of a quietened mind today so that we may recall forgotten aspects of our love. The Universe acts as a voice of reason, encouraging us to exercise our will in reclaiming the missing parts of ourselves. Follow the voice of your passion into its center to recover what seems to be missing.

8.14 Once past mischief is forgiven, and resentments released, a new wave of clarity replaces any bouts of rose-colored angst or blind fury. Further surrender egoic needs to the Universe in the name of healing. In order for our dreams to come true, we must solidly commit to further aligning with the flow of expansion and divine love. Tend to your inner world by cleansing and opening your chakras with the help of the angels and their sacred energy.

8.13 Getting over the hump means reaching a comfortable understanding of where in our lives we fool ourselves, fail ourselves, and disappoint ourselves. Looking back on the road we’ve traveled and admitting the desire for improvement helps us lay a solid foundation built on honesty. The Universe brings to us love and comfort today in acknowledging that the road to redemption isn’t easy. We’re guided to stay on the path, honoring the truth of love’s divine glory.

8.12 Reassembling our head quarters from a deeper perspective (within our inner realities) requires a great deal of resiliency and endurance. More than anticipated. However, the Universe pointedly endorses our potential for authentic living and radiance. We’re needing to detach from hypothetical shoulda coulda woulda‘s. We’re needing to see with a present eye and feel with present hearts. Take baby steps and a gentle approach toward making the shift. Trusting your own judgement is key.

8.11 The prospect of new life and better odds comes with slight grief around messy endings from the past. Today, we’re guided to dust ourselves off and move forward into a position of love and acceptance. Acknowledge your past dealings and hurt feelings with clarity and compassion for all involved, and then release your worries and cares. Can you see the lesson? Once we accept the past as unchangeable, meaningful, purposeful and over; we can recover the pieces of ourselves lost to pain. Remember that the Universe has your back.

8.10 There is nothing standing in the way between you and your dreams. As we cross the threshold into purpose and power today, bumpy roads begin to smooth out and call our spiritual wisdom and heart lessons into play. The Universe encourages us to stay cool, calm, collected and confident in our inner knowing and self-perception. The sun and moon team up to retrieve and nourish forgotten heart perceptions and personality. The passionate winds that emerge as we reconnect with these emotional depths can cue us in on fruitful and timely ways to move forward in faith.

8.9 When anything is possible and your t‘s are all crossed, the meaningful order embedded in the chaos of reality is more apparent and easier to align with. The Universe is yielding a dimension of harmonious fluidity, as we hold redemption and accept truth within ourselves. Passed over loved ones are sending peaceful energy today to ease our hearts and minds as we open to a deeper possibility of existence. Be free of the self-imposed pressures and expectations that warp your reception of and connection with Self.

8.8 Welcome to the other side. We have walked barefoot on glass shards and heated cement with hopes of reclamation and unification. The Universe encourages us to settle into purpose and to trust in our heart’s wisdom and guidance. Allow yourself to stretch and shift and flow freely into this new space where miracles are born. Keep your eyes on the prize. As we participate in oneness, we free authenticity.

8.1 We’re steadily honing in on our most authentic and aligned options. Today, we enter into a soundless space after a tumultuous period of transformation. We’ve begun to trade self-sabotaging energies and constricting fears for authenticity and auspicious connections that grant freedom and honor autonomy. The Universe assures blessed change for those committed to expansion, purpose and deepened vulnerability.

July 2019

7.31 It is dangerously possible to be swept up by the promises of tomorrow and lose basis with the sense of the day. The Universe asks us to establish our selves in the present moment through grounding and rooting in nature. There is a high desire to escape heartaches and betrayal, but we are asked to face the truth of the matter: life gives hard lessons that require us to rise to the challenge. Growing pains can signal maturation, renewal and even rebirth. Receive comfort and guidance from nature today and plug back into a realized heart space.

7.30 We’re about ready to make up our minds regarding a sticky situation. We are certain that we are not wanting to disregard or deny the growth in love and purpose we’ve been experiencing. Today, we feel that messy entanglements are distractions best handled through prompt disengagement. Divine love awaits our decisions and catalyzes whatever choice is made. Will you decide to stay frozen and muted in hopelessness or attract that of which you’ve been building toward?

7.29 Today, we are feeling both valued and confident within our emotional expansion and sense of Self. As we review the past month, we begin to spot the traces of abundance and generous possibility awarded to us through our growth work and perseverance. We’re needing to give ourselves the same tolerance and understanding that the loving eyes of the Universe offers. Reaching out for assistance and assurance from trusted confidants, mentors and advisers, of this plane or another, can further awaken the spiritual wisdom and self knowledge you’ve acquired thus far. It is safe to reach into your heart space and to act from your truth.

7.28 A natural resistance to change may hover in the back of your mind, regarding which direction you’re wanting to move in. The Universe nudges us to avoid forcing ourselves ahead; instead, we’re asked to discover our own pace. We’re told to look to the moon for inspiration, as the moon graciously cycles from new to waning every month. We’re wanting to make genuine connections consisting of intimacy and honesty. Exercise flexibility as the changes you want to see welcome you.

7.27 We are called today to scout out our fears, apprehensions, and habitual impulses. When we assess our unease and malaise, we begin to understand our limitations and can find creative solutions to break free. Our authentic selves are shining through cracks of brokenness, and are waiting for us to remove the rest of our armor. The Universe assures us that reconnecting with our true selves, including our deepest insecurities and abandoned dreams, is the key to recoloring our vision of Self and the world. If you’d just take the leap forward, you’ll realize that, like a cat, you can land on your feet.

7.26 Today, our higher selves oversee our weary states of being and help us to channel the spiritual strength we need. The Universe is pouring light and love onto our wounds and our woes, allowing our spirits to rest and replenish. The gentle caress of the wind reminds us to handle ourselves with kindness and care. Wait for the go-ahead from the Universe and move in to collect the last of the missing pieces.

7.25 A sudden turn of events revitalizes a dream once lost to our hearts. The entire universe is conspiring on behalf of second chances and fulfillment of divine destiny. We’re required to open our hearts to forgiveness and are asked to call in our most tender wishes. Now is the time to let your emotions flow and your heart lead. All of the working pieces are falling into place at the hand of the Divine. Remember where you’ve been to understand where you are and what is possible for the future.

7.24 Divine love is carving more space for blessings and new life to enter into our hearts and soul bodies. The pressure to stand tall and sit tight is up as the moon pulls at deep seated desires and forgives karmic debt. The archangels are sending out love signs and peace offerings that can help us grow firmer into our truth and purpose. Neutralize negative self talk to remember the inherent peace and love dwelling within.

7.23 Notice how you’re feeling today and surrender responsive ego resistance. We begin to piece the larger puzzle together as we begin to perceive the rhyme and reason behind past upheaval and failure. The Universe asks us to honestly examine any negative or confused thoughts so that they may release, dissolve and allow heart truths to anchor. Once your mind is clear, celebrating a promising future will come easy. Powerful shifts are approaching swiftly and require your belief.

7.22 An explosive or unexpected finale proves to be a blessing in disguise today. In the aftermath of destruction and release we are able to see how burdening, constricting, and/or controlling a situation had been to our heart’s truths and soul potential. Trusting yourself moving forward has been the biggest lesson learned. The Universe reminds us that being in right relationship with oneself is synonymous with being in alignment with the universe. Breathe easy today as the hardest part is over.

7.21 Offering ourselves grace and mercy is challenging but required today. Recent choices to move away from saboteurs and other distasteful company/situations are gnawing at our ego reasoning and established senses of loyalty. We are beckoned by Divinity to retreat into the quiet space of our hearts where peace and healing rests. As we recover and regenerate from recent aggravation of deep wounds, we’re reminded to give ourselves hearty doses of self-love and compassion.

7.20 If you were granted three wishes, what would you wish for? Would you wish to change past disappointments or would you wish to see the underlying order in the drama? The Universe is asking us to move graciously into unknown territory and to have faith in the shifts that have re-sparked our passions and focus. Traces of regret and uncertainty may overcome the promise of new beginnings today. We’re guided to release hard feelings, false hopes, and unreliable attachments. It’s time to invest in your dreams.

7.19 You may experience a sense of déjà vu today. That is because a period of karmic lessons have reigned prevalent and we’re realizing that we’ve been down these roads before. We are pushed to surrender deeper into vulnerability and spiritual truth. We’re asked to release mental blockages that confine our perceptions of love and promising growth. The Universe reminds us that divine love is inherently pure and true. Let love water your gardens.

7.18 The Universe reminds us today to stay centered in our heart’s truth. Power struggles between fear-based ego and soul-based authenticity are at an all time high. The resistance that we may be feeling is there to point us toward limiting beliefs and heavy emotions that need releasing. We are asked to share our emotional growth with those around us today and to be open to receive loving praise in return. As you rebel against the old patterns and perceptions of your likeness, you welcome the release that comes with surrendering.

7.17 Promise of soul expansion is in the air. Today the Universe suggests we stick to ourselves and reflect. We are faced with huge choices that may change the course of our lives. Decide whether you want to continue going down the path that you’re on or if you’re feeling ready to go after more. Be conscientious in your assessments as our emotional sensitivities are heightened at the moment; feel into your options and contemplate the source of your motivations.

7.16 Feelings of fear and sorrow are surfacing today. Our desires for spiritual liberation and temporal balance requires a purging of static systems and non-serving conventions. The Universe calls us to return from the depths of our self-exploration and into the light of day in order to properly sort through our pains and afflictions. The wisdom acquired during your period of soul searching affords you the brilliancy and insight needed to make the best choices to meet the success and fulfillment you seek. Keep a leveled head in the coming days, and let your light shine brightly.

7.15 Thoughts of past failures and defeats may overwhelm the head space today. Take time out to remember the inner radiance that your self-love bestows upon you. We’re attracting new and expansive possibilities as we raise our inner vibrations and attune to a larger story. The Universe requests that we honor our journeys by maintaining space for spiritual transformation and growth to occur. Connect with nature and get outside to shake off some of that pent up angst.

7.14 We are thrown into a world of possibility today. As we reach toward a new reality and new way of being, we approach a sense of familiar territory. We are entering into the dwelling space of our hearts and remembering meaningful encounters and experiences that once upon a time brought us here. We’re asked to absorb and observe this natural state of light and love, and to record how an activated heart space feels. Use this fresh essence of reminiscence to reclaim your creativity, peace, and happiness.

7.13 You may feel that you are putting on a brave face today. The way we’re feeling inside and the way we choose to show up today may seem disjointed and dis-authentic. The Universe promises this disconnect is truly a residual of transformative fine-tuning, and that love surrounds this tender moment. We’re asked to check into our heart spaces throughout the day as we may experience melancholic emotions.

7.12 Quit stalling. The longer we linger over what we know must be done rather than taking the necessary action, the more confusion and confliction we feel. A recent revelation in your search for the cure to an ongoing trigger point is the missing piece to the puzzle. We’re guided to begin building an impenetrable but permeable system that supports the needs of our highest selves.

7.11 Today we reach our breaking points. We are no longer able or willing to sustain obscured perceptions of our power or purpose. If you have been overexerting or overextending your energy and overstaying parties you’ve outgrown for sentimental reasons, the Universe is supporting your need to cut the cords. It is time to venture out on your own with the guidance of divine love carrying you forward.

7.10 Letting our hearts lead may cause us unwanted trouble today. There is danger of leaning too far into the future and abandoning the present moment. We are needing to pause and recenter our attention away from dishonest conquests and onto our spiritual prowess. Do not fret if you’ve been caught up in any misleading situations. The Divine sends love and direction to the listening ear through breathe and body.

7.9 We are required to rise to the challenges presented to us as choice and decision. Choose through power or fear, in the name of expansion or stagnation, with faith or resistance. The Universe appreciates our attempts at sitting with the uneasy energies of late and admires our perseverance. We are reminded that in this time we are to observe the state of our inner worlds and pinpoint holes in the structure. You may experience slow progress as you rebuild a sense of Self on steady ground. The Universe asks that you inspect your past through a compassionate lens of curiosity and wonderment rather than scrutiny.

7.8 You may have experienced recent disappointments or setbacks because of head and heart conflict. We are coming into a space of deeper spiritual realization and understanding regarding healthy heart and head spaces as a result of this conflict. The Universe challenges us to see these misadventures as divine offers of spiritual growth and strength. Closing out a period of monochromatic living is extending into a world full of color. To welcome the possibilities of new blissful experiences, we must continue to nurture the seat of inner-vision and divinity within us all.

7.7 The themes of pause and reflection spiral into the spirit of the day. We have gained distance where we were once too close to see the bigger picture and emotional soundness is granted to those willing to withdraw their energy from constricting spaces. It is essential to stay connected with the four elements and to unwind in nature throughout this period of ambitious healing. We are eagerly walking toward the unknown, freeing ourselves from wasted opportunity and busy work keeping us distracted and unmoving. The Universe suggests we use this time to lay out rediscovered heart, soul, and life wisdom as the groundwork for our rebirthed direction.

7.6 The Universe hints at blessings in disguise today. We’re patiently waiting for the one thing that we know will change the course and quality of our lives. Will you recognize the ship as it docks and unloads? As truth gains resonance and clarity, we’re asked to slow down and oversee our growing sense of purpose through intuition’s eye. Some heart dreams are noticeably evasive in nature and others are outgrown and outdated as we step further into purpose. Feel into the direction you’re meant to lead; you are accompanied by your heart’s divinity.

7.5 Today we eagerly walk toward exciting new possibility. Fears of being seen fully and truly are coming to light, exposed by the luminous moon. Stay firm in your truth and healing capacities. We’re asked to work with the surges of energy of current astrological configurations, not against them. We’re also asked to double down on promises and heart intentions sent out into the Universe. Life happenings as of late are bringing forth positive change and growth opportunities. Tap into the fruitful energies drifting about.

7.4 The Universe sends signs of assurance today. Darker potential and undeveloped powers are being invoked and transmuted into unwavering faith and purpose. This time around you are feeling ready for truth’s confrontation. The repetitive lessons and energetic cycles leave us confident in our resolve and self-mastery. We have found the space of which our heart sense operates and may lovingly apply our relearned heart wisdom.

7.3 Today we figure out which doubts and uncertainties are holding us back. We realize where we’ve been unclear and that the best way to move ahead is through having faith in our sources of inspiration. Our intuitive drives are kicking in and cutting through self-deluding thoughts. Expect any limiting beliefs or frustrations hanging over your head to ease and dissolve. This is the beginning of the end. The Universe reminds us to follow our hearts every step of the way.

7.1-2 The natural order of things is picking up into an upbeat tempo. Forgotten heart and soul wisdom has been retrieved and relearned. We are now reworking this embraced fluidity into our structured routines. The archangels bear gifts of inspiration and nourishment that can help set things into motion. The Universe requests that we accommodate for the unknown aspects of our seeds of intentions by widening our perception of Self and divine potential. Release fossilized perceptions and uninhabitable fixations in order to create space for your attractive expansion to breakthrough and bloom.

June 2019

6.30 Our actions and pure intentions are being mirrored by the energetic responses spiraling toward us. The spirited potency of Divine love and support are breaking through any feelings of dejection or defeat today. All of the heart work we’ve done and the self-love we have and we hold now allow us to see the beauty in both the rain and the rainbows. Protect your prosperous promises through prayer, love offerings, and gracious appreciation.

6.29 We are granted full access to our rightful potential, today. We’ve been honing our voices and spiritual identities so that we may truthfully show up in the world. The more you surrender a personified image, the more you ascend into a heartfelt destiny. Valuable advances in tangible and rewarding quests depend on full alignment and sound energy. We’re asked to consider our motivations and (re)adjust accordingly.

6.28 Today, we’re asked to follow the kind and loving wisdom of our hearts over “head knowledge.” Trust your gut instincts to carry you into a brilliant future. Stressful conditions are ceasing, affording us the peace we’ve desperately desired. We’re able to make sense of past turmoil and place the inevitability of grievances within the context of our lifelong journeys. The Universe requires our cooperation as it divinely materializes our oldest dreams.

6.27 You may be feeling pulled in a direction that you thought was closed off to you. Or perhaps, you were closed off to the truth of this path. Regardless, today the resistances we once felt are yielding to the moon’s softened glow. Our heart energy is more youthful and hopeful now as we meet loving purpose and destined possibility sincerely. Divine guidance reaches us through our feelings and sentiments today. Breathe deep with awareness to steady emotional disturbance.

6.26 We are becoming more trusting of the unknown factors and steady developments currently blossoming in our lives. Sparks of passion are advancing our sense of purpose and welcoming new partnerships and collaborations. Gently allow the reality of higher potential to awaken your heart dreams fully. We are warned to listen to and accept what we once ignored so that our dreams may become conscious and tangible. To live within the present moment is to live within balance and trust.

6.25 We’re asked to seriously ponder visuals and ideas of the reality we’re setting out to explore. Any necessary course corrections have recently taken place and have left us feeling on track. It may be necessary to recharge our batteries at this time, as overzealous anticipation may cause us to rush in without a working plan. We are further being aligned with the greater plan guiding us toward wish fulfillment. Accept the rush of change still emerging and temper it to your own pace.

6.24 We’re beginning to feel the liberation and bliss that accompanies change. The Universe assures that the weariness and energy lapses we’ve felt as of late are equivalent to the final sentences of the old story. The inner work done and executive decisions made have awakened an inner-resiliency and opened our eyes to the beauty of choice and possibility. What if things work out for the best? What if it’s safe to become who I am to be? What if this is what I’ve been waiting for?

6.23 We are sensing the end of distorted and restraining energies throughout our immediate environments today. An impending and cutting truth promises the restoration of balance and liveliness within the next phases of awakening. The Universe shares hopeful reasoning for further achievement, loving expansion and heartfelt creation on our part. Look closely to see the ways in which your painful past and courageous triumphs are beginning to pay off.

6.22 Today, we stare some hearty truths, regarding the direction and form our lives are taking, right in the face. As we reflect on the ways we’ve handled past pains and turbulence, we culminate new approaches, outlooks and opportunities of positive movement. The Universe presents a change in the pace of our unwinding beginnings as we’re (being) prepared to take over the reins. Fully commit to sitting in the driver’s seat, and leading your best life will come naturally.

6.21 The brunt of the healing taking place is due to the choices we’ve made around fearlessly accepting divine, unconditional love. We’ve begun to truly understand and believe in the fullness of life, in our own value, and that we are more than capable of creating the happiness we’ve always dreamed of. Today, we’re asked to regulate our emotions and to work through those feelings and thoughts conflicting with our determination and drive–that cause us to shy away from necessary action. It is safe to charge toward your wish fulfillment in faith and in confidence. The promises we see up ahead are the real deal!

6.20 Confronting the truth of our shadows and souls has gifted us the sense of achievement and acceptance we’ve longed for. Today is a day to let down your hair and connect with the life around you. The Universe asks that we adopt a gentle and receptive approach to the paths opening up in front of us. Pay close attention to the impressions new contacts and opportunities have on your sense of being. Stay true to the self you’ve discovered…a huge congratulations is in order.

6.19 We are gaining greater insight and understanding of the unfolding dreams we’ve set into motion. Today, we carry the authentic truth of our passionate visions out into the world. Let your natural curiosity emerge and lead you into the unexplored landscapes of your soul’s experience and heart’s secrets. The heavy cosmological influences of the solstices and incoming eclipses are initiating the final shifts needed for a full reemergence of the heart sense. Embrace these fundamental changes.

6.18 Walk away from any set expectations or fixed ideas about the means of your incoming good fortune. We’re asked to focus on holding space for the shipment to sail in with unwavering faith. Believe that whatever lands will marry exactly what your soul needs with what your heart wants. We’re also told to get super clear and honest about what exactly our heart wants; there’s no room for holding back at this time; there’s no room for playing small or minimizing just how grand and full our dreams are. The sun comes out to spotlight our joy. It works with the moon in undoing and resolving anything holding us back. Release faulty premises and begin again without inhibition.

6.17 Today, past anxieties revolving around sharing our deepest selves may resurface. The new ideas of happiness expanding in our hearts threaten the old paradigm being left behind. The Universe describes a series of tests of faith with intentions of revealing concealed patterns that need releasing. Our commitment to healing and awakening deeper is being stretched. Pay attention to triggers and resistances of all kinds.

6.16 We’re expanding our perceptions and horizons today, carrying with us all that we’ve learned from the recent periods of self-exploration. We are reminded to approach our shifting sensitivities with compassion, acceptance and transparency; and to steal time to rest and breathe along the way. The transformations taking place are solidifying the new order you’ve called in and require your full presence. Creating a gratitude list is a practical way to strengthen your faith and resolve.

6.15 As we step away from the past once and for all, we are showered with a loving abundance satisfying to all of our senses. The Universe asks that we step outside of our usual way of thinking. Instead, with your heart, imagine all you can be and all that you want. Whatever you image is within reach. With activated heart spaces, we step out of the shadows and into clarity and peace today. Put some comfortable shoes on!

6.14 The Universe strongly alludes of a need to sit with patient hearts and easing confidence as the blessings roll in. Any obscured guilty pleasures or unhealthy attachments, lowering our vibrations, are coming to abrupt endings. Today, we are called to trust in our inner-knowing with assured credence. Remember to check-in to your heart space throughout the day.

6.13 We’re being handed the golden coin that let’s us ride all of the rides. Can you believe that you’re that lucky? You should. We begin experiencing a generous growth in love once we allow our heart sense to lead the way. The angels advise that we clearly decide to follow our paths of passion, and that we commit to pursuit. Long forgotten dreams and projects will resurface revamped and prepared for engagement. The Universe suggests we keep our plans to ourselves for now.

6.12 We are opening our hearts and minds to the truths invisible to the naked eye. As we look back with perfect hindsight vision, we begin to see just how unsuitable the roads we’ve crossed had been. The Universe encourages us to officially resign from insensitive and unhealthy distractions in exchange for hearty healing. Your sensitivity makes you magnetic. What you’re attracting with hopeful flexibility is within reach and can be yours through focus and declaration.

6.11 Deeply hidden emotions are calling for release today. We’re guided to offer ourselves the space to express loving truths out into the universe. Saying our truths out loud can initiate quick and passionate turnovers and favorable resolutions to sticky situations. The Universe proposes we come forward with earnest valor and apologetic sentiment as long awaited dreams come together.

6.10 We’re finally gaining our footing within our transformed inner-situations. We are reviving into balance, ease, and gratification. We’re hanging up the “flipside” thinking of taking chances and landing opportunities; and instead, trusting in the passions driving us forward. Continue to implement tangible methods of self-care. Caring for your physical health both strengthens and supports your spiritual efforts and your heart-energy. Stay consistent.

6.9 The Universe guides us to lean on lessons of self-soothing and self-regulation accumulated thus far on our journeys. Pay attention to any idle thoughts stuck on replay in your mind, as they reveal floating wounds seeking healing light. Observe these wounds from a liberated vantage point…a watched pot never boils. Incoming revelations are meant to drive you passionately toward the goal. Trust that the worst is behind you.

6.8 Our hearts are bravely leading us toward calmer waters. The toxic thought patterns that have kept affectionate new beginnings at bay are dissolving. Today we are asked to follow the North star home, meaning trust in the process and allow unsettled feelings to release. Remember, the strength and power charging your vision comes from an unblocked heart and unworried mind.

6.7 Today we’re gaining clarity around the bigger picture and our destined paths. The manifestations we’ve called in are emotionally appealing and are positive steps in the right direction. The Universe warns us to remain level-headed in this next phase of our journeys as we may encounter speed bumps and potholes along the road. Receive the insight from your intuition and exercise the wisdom you’ve gained.

6.6 We’ve courageously stepped away from previous drama, mayhem, and malaise. The Universe assures that the unexplored soil of our next adventure is an energetic match to that of our heart space. In this new chapter, we’re asked to lead with noble hearts and to extend positive energy to others. Make time to record observations and thoughts from this new space. These notes may grow to be a road map for future wandering.

6.5 We are awakening to a practical solution to obtain our goals and heart dreams. Remain open to the glimpses of light you may see on the horizon. Our wounds and heartaches are being infused with healing light born of forgiveness and compassion. The Universe advises us to openly receive the redeeming favor.

6.4 Tumultuous tensions and dis-harmonic situations are ending today as the Universe sets up the final arrangements before the big reveal. The Divine is affirming that our heart’s desires will be met. Pay attention to the ideas or action-plans you have today, they may show your dreams coming into focus. We’re asked to notice the synchronicities within our inner and outer worlds; they are the breadcrumbs leading toward our destined paths.

6.3 Feelings of ambivalence are muted with today’s new moon energy. We are being humbly prepared for our incoming manifestations. Get in front of blossoming stress or fear by feeling your way through. Our internal structures are rearranging to be more compatible with our activated heart sense. The Universe has been bending backward to support our journeys. Practice gratitude and appreciation over the coming weeks (and beyond!).

6.2 Today we begin to move on from any lingering pains or disappointments. Again, we are guided to lower our defenses as we approach new grounds. You may begin to notice the decreasing weight of obstacles and energetic burdens. Divine love is at work, purifying our perceptions and nurturing our passions. Allow the warmth of the sun to melt away residual stress.

6.1 We are called today to trust how our current situations are unfolding. The process is meant to usher in the balance and clarity we so seek and need. The visions we are holding in our hearts are driving us forward toward an anticipated victory. Continue to visualize your desires, rooted within solid new structures.

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