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Daily Heart Messages

I am an intuitive tarot practitioner, energy reader and healer; guided to share beautiful and elusive lunar messages with the collective. I am filled with moonlight and night-vision, and I’m seeking to recover ancient heart knowledge that has been hidden and forgotten. This shadowy wisdom is very powerful, illuminating, and pregnant with loving insight and divine guidance. Everyday you can expect to find a new heart-message given to us from the benevolent Grandmother Moon.

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July 2020

7.3 Today, we’re urged to lay down all that burdens us, and beckoned to hand our baggage over to the Universe. In other words, Get it off your chest. We especially feel weighed down by the gravity of life’s problems when we’re accustomed to heartache and disappointment. And through our bond to the world, we are sensitive to misalignment and chaos; thus, the shining sun rises to restore peace and calm in the morning. And like the sun, the burning ember occupying each of our heart spaces radiates beautiful change.

7.2 The voice of a past self penetrates the atmosphere today, asking to be heard–for it holds an important insight and great clarity around your next step toward the goal. Understanding the selves we’ve left behind in the name of growing up and getting ahead bears invaluable lessons of character and deep truth. Our past selves have a way of revisiting us through what we call “aha-moments” and déjà vu, of which the heightened lunar energy favors. This is the point where the past and the present intersect. We’re encouraged to adopt curious eyes, and to position ourselves objectively while reflecting on the “been here before” vibes we encounter during this cycle. We have the chance now to clear the way for the journey ahead. Approach the past, and especially yourself, with compassion.

7.1 In the face of adversity, we may rise up and exhibit unwavering courage and strength. However, when life experiences demand us to challenge our own shortcomings and personal limitations, it is easy to shut down; close off; point fingers and place blame. Today, the Universe gently nudges us over the boundaries of our brave faces and toughened facades; leading us further into the heart of our pain points. We’re reminded that our true nature includes sensitivity, vulnerability, imperfection and defeat (e.g. rejection). It’s a good day to learn to cope with the reality of being human–blind spots, wounded egos, and all.

Review and reread past heart messages to get a grasp of the heart energies of the past seasons on the pages that follow. These energies are still flowing forward and streaming into our current energetic atmospheres, seeking integration and mastery.

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