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Daily Heart Messages

I am an intuitive tarot practitioner, guided to share beautiful and elusive lunar messages with the collective. I am filled with moonlight and night-vision, seeking to recover ancient heart knowledge that has been hidden and forgotten. This shadowy wisdom is very powerful, illuminating, and pregnant with loving insight and divine guidance. Everyday you can expect to find a new heart-message given to us from the benevolent Grandmother Moon.

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June 2019

6.16 We’re expanding our perceptions and horizons today, carrying with us all that we’ve learned from the recent periods of self-exploration. We are reminded to approach our shifting sensitivities with compassion, acceptance and transparency; and to steal time to rest and breathe along the way. The transformations taking place are solidifying the new order you’ve called in and require your full presence. Creating a gratitude list is a practical way to strengthen your faith and resolve.

6.15 As we step away from the past once and for all, we are showered with a loving abundance satisfying to all of our senses. The Universe asks that we step outside of our usual way of thinking. Instead, with your heart, imagine all you can be and all that you want. Whatever you image is within reach. With activated heart spaces, we step out of the shadows and into clarity and peace today. Put some comfortable shoes on!

6.14 The Universe strongly alludes of a need to sit with patient hearts and easing confidence as the blessings roll in. Any obscured guilty pleasures or unhealthy attachments, lowering our vibrations, are coming to abrupt endings. Today, we are called to trust in our inner-knowing with assured credence. Remember to check-in to your heart space throughout the day.

6.13 We’re being handed the golden coin that let’s us ride all of the rides. Can you believe that you’re that lucky? You should. We begin experiencing a generous growth in love once we allow our heart sense to lead the way. The angels advise that we clearly decide to follow our paths of passion, and that we commit to pursuit. Long forgotten dreams and projects will resurface revamped and prepared for engagement. The Universe suggests we keep our plans to ourselves for now.

6.12 We are opening our hearts and minds to the truths invisible to the naked eye. As we look back with perfect hindsight vision, we begin to see just how unsuitable the roads we’ve crossed had been. The Universe encourages us to officially resign from insensitive and unhealthy distractions in exchange for hearty healing. Your sensitivity makes you magnetic. What you’re attracting with hopeful flexibility is within reach and can be yours through focus and declaration.

6.11 Deeply hidden emotions are calling for release today. We’re guided to offer ourselves the space to express loving truths out into the universe. Saying our truths out loud can initiate quick and passionate turnovers and favorable resolutions to sticky situations. The Universe proposes we come forward with earnest valor and apologetic sentiment as long awaited dreams come together.

6.10 We’re finally gaining our footing within our transformed inner-situations. We are reviving into balance, ease, and gratification. We’re hanging up the “flipside” thinking of taking chances and landing opportunities; and instead, trusting in the passions driving us forward. Continue to implement tangible methods of self-care. Caring for your physical health both strengthens and supports your spiritual efforts and your heart-energy. Stay consistent.

6.9 The Universe guides us to lean on lessons of self-soothing and self-regulation accumulated thus far on our journeys. Pay attention to any idle thoughts stuck on replay in your mind, as they reveal floating wounds seeking healing light. Observe these wounds from a liberated vantage point…a watched pot never boils. Incoming revelations are meant to drive you passionately toward the goal. Trust that the worst is behind you.

6.8 Our hearts are bravely leading us toward calmer waters. The toxic thought patterns that have kept affectionate new beginnings at bay are dissolving. Today we are asked to follow the North star home, meaning trust in the process and allow unsettled feelings to release. Remember, the strength and power charging your vision comes from an unblocked heart and unworried mind.

6.7 Today we’re gaining clarity around the bigger picture and our destined paths. The manifestations we’ve called in are emotionally appealing and are positive steps in the right direction. The Universe warns us to remain level-headed in this next phase of our journeys as we may encounter speed bumps and potholes along the road. Receive the insight from your intuition and exercise the wisdom you’ve gained.

6.6 We’ve courageously stepped away from previous drama, mayhem, and malaise. The Universe assures that the unexplored soil of our next adventure is an energetic match to that of our heart space. In this new chapter, we’re asked to lead with noble hearts and to extend positive energy to others. Make time to record observations and thoughts from this new space. These notes may grow to be a road map for future wandering.

6.5 We are awakening to a practical solution to obtain our goals and heart dreams. Remain open to the glimpses of light you may see on the horizon. Our wounds and heartaches are being infused with healing light born of forgiveness and compassion. The Universe advises us to openly receive the redeeming favor.

6.4 Tumultuous tensions and dis-harmonic situations are ending today as the Universe sets up the final arrangements before the big reveal. The Divine is affirming that our heart’s desires will be met. Pay attention to the ideas or action-plans you have today, they may show your dreams coming into focus. We’re asked to notice the synchronicities within our inner and outer worlds; they are the breadcrumbs leading toward our destined paths.

6.3 Feelings of ambivalence are muted with today’s new moon energy. We are being humbly prepared for our incoming manifestations. Get in front of blossoming stress or fear by feeling your way through. Our internal structures are rearranging to be more compatible with our activated heart sense. The Universe has been bending backward to support our journeys. Practice gratitude and appreciation over the coming weeks (and beyond!).

6.2 Today we begin to move on from any lingering pains or disappointments. Again, we are guided to lower our defenses as we approach new grounds. You may begin to notice the decreasing weight of obstacles and energetic burdens. Divine love is at work, purifying our perceptions and nurturing our passions. Allow the warmth of the sun to melt away residual stress.

6.1 We are called today to trust how our current situations are unfolding. The process is meant to usher in the balance and clarity we so seek and need. The visions we are holding in our hearts are driving us forward toward an anticipated victory. Continue to visualize your desires, rooted within solid new structures.

May 2019

5.31 We are coming into a space today in which we finally begin to see what’s been right under our noses. As we sink deeper into our heart sense, previous blinders are removed as blind spots are revealed. The Universe tells us that the surrendering we’ve done has evened out the waters and grounded our hearts’ memories. We are ready to move into fresh new territory with zest and flavor.

5.30 Continue to gently sit within your heart-space today. Our deepest wounds are being tended to and transformed by the Divine. Surrender to the truths that have been revealed as the power beneath these secrets will drive us forward. We are urged to claim ownership over our destiny from this moment on. Believe in the chance of a dream coming true. All will soon make sense.

5.29 The only one in the way of your happiness today is you. Any unchecked thoughts of fear and doubt can very well induce a splitting headache, or unnecessary confusion at the very least. The Universe has cleared the path and tamed the dragon for you to move forward into your heart’s story. Rest your spears and scowls, it is safe to disarm and advance.

5.28 Our sensitive nature is heightened right now; you may find it hard to stay emotionally grounded today. We are being opened to deeper spiritual understandings and are asked to shift into a state of introspection. Head-over-heart programming is being challenged. Soften to the voice of the heart today by listening to your favorite tunes and croons, and taking a walk out in nature.

5.27 The major breakthroughs we’re awaiting are very near. Be mindful about where and to whom you’re extending your energy. We are divinely instructed to clear the necessary space–whether clutter, mental or energetic blockages–for the transformation to take place. The Universe reminds us today that we are deeply loved and divinely protected throughout every energetic exchange.

5.26 We have rested within and learned the ancient secrets of our unique souls. Now comes the time to remove the masks and sidestep any lingering bravado’s. Today we are told to apply the heart-knowledge that we have gained from exploring our inner depths. Concentrate on reuniting the love, imagination, and abundance in your heart with the tricky fashioned mind. As we breathe in, we awaken to the truth of the moment. As we breathe out, we release non-serving patterns and past blocks.

5.25 Recent epiphanies, once concealed and hidden deep within, are liberating our sense of autonomy and liveliness. We are divinely guided to soak in the light of the moon. The potent lunar energy is illuminating the road to self-redemption. Spaces where we were once defensive and armored are being softened from the alluring glow of the moon. Tender heart-discoveries are waiting for your emergence. Approach with honest confidence.

5.24 A rich new sense of contentment is now in reach. Old karmic situations and patterns are coming to a close and the outline of new life and renewed hope is budding. Continue to follow your heart into the night. The angels are guiding the way forward with protective white light; trust that there is nothing to fear.

5.23 Gift yourself space to breathe today. We are called to appreciate the noticeable abundance surrounding us, whether it be in love; knowledge; material or financial earnings. As we extend simple gratitude, the Universe sends more blessings our way. Adorning surprises are lingering in the background; when the time comes to claim our gifts, we must also truthfully claim our journeys.

5.22 The Universe says to us today, “Buckle down!” Dedicate yourself to the direction you’re feeling most drawn to. This is a true walk of faith and a path of unconditional love. We are asked to allow love’s pure light to wash away our remaining doubts and fears. Offer the bane of your soul up to the Divine. Grasp the new ideas being placed onto your heart; they will lead to a great sense of happiness and wholeness.

5.21 Our recent shifts in perception are leading us closer to fulfillment. We are asked to remember past experiences that called for faith and precision and to retrieve the loving awareness that carried us through. We are awakening to the bigger picture and must work toward our dreams and heart desires with decisive tact. Release artificial and expired wishes today, as our gifts of purpose are arriving.

5.20 Hidden potential is surfacing today. The Universe is highlighting our natural healing abilities and capacity for gentleness. At the same time, we are shown our inherent authority and influence. We are asked to step out of self-preservation mode and into an honest space. Clear the air around any imbalances. Offer the world and yourself a clearer picture of who you truly are.

5.19 Today we are guided to breathe through any anxieties or fearful thoughts. As we take small steps forward, our past skepticisms melt away and we comfortably rest in our new awareness. We are stepping forward to claim our harmonious gifts and structuring our inner worlds with faith, trust, and self-respect. Keep listening to your heart’s song. Dance into the dawn of a new day.

5.18 The light of this Full Blue Moon is soothing our impulses and halting any premature action we may want to take. We are gaining more clarity around the shifts taking place in our inner worlds which will lead us to take aligned action. Surrender to the feel-good emotions flowing freely throughout your environment today, and release any burdens. As we open up to change, we are met half-way. Bask in this unusual stillness.

5.17 The Universe sends a message of acknowledgement today. The work we’ve put into creating a new reality filled with truth and joy has been noticed by the Divine and is coming into tangible fruition. Keep your eyes on the prize and hold your vision. Adopting higher ways of thinking and being is starting to pay off. A new creative insight is coming our way that will lead to a reclamation of love and emotional fulfillment. The growth you’re experiencing is Divinely inspired. Celebrate your small gains today–the big one is around the corner.

5.16 Have you let it sink in? The confusion, the madness, the turmoil that seems to be looming over our heads is illusory. Our strength, our faith, our capability to choose love is being tested. Can you feel the passionate new beginning–looking you right in the eye, waiting to be clutched in the palm of your hands? Will you own your heart’s desires and stand strong as you step up to claim your truth? Allow the rays of the sun to move you into your heart space. The Universe whispers in our ear today, “What you’re working toward is a calling from the heart.”

5.15 A change in our inner-world is long overdue. We are in a generous space of renewal and are being asked to trust in our heart-based decisions with gusto. We are presented with opportunities to let go of past beliefs, behaviors and perceptions. Be open to a new way of seeing, living and/or being today. Our efforts will be coated with grace. The energy and love you have to extend is enough. Be brave enough to face your true desires and trust that they are safe to pursue.

5.14 Today we are encouraged to take the reigns of our lives and head toward our blessings. We are warned again to step out of our negative thinking patterns and move ahead with emotional intelligence. Fall into the flow of your heart space and choose your happy. We are divinely reminded that the true treasures we seek lie within our hearts. Those who have passed are asking us to ease our worries and receive our blessings by walking in faith. Trust your heart and let it lead.

5.13 Convene with your inner guidance today regarding a heart-dream. Many of us may feel far away from ever achieving this goal or dream. Today we are being guided to clear our minds, reconcile with our inner-children (or childhood dreams) and adopt a heart-based perspective. We must remember our power, exert our will and follow our passion–all of which offers us space to create a more fulfilling reality.

5.12 The time to take action in love is now. The Universe is asking us to recall the infinite and abundant love that we are and that we contain within. Open your heart and offer your love to a passion project, a special someone and/or the world. We are being divinely guided to take swift action to deepen soul connections today. Take time out to write down your thoughts and feelings to gain the clarity and confidence needed.

5.11 Today we are asked to review the past several months and take note of all that we’ve learned about ourselves, including our strengths and our fears. Pay close attention to the thoughts that arise and the emotions surrounding them. The Universe is illuminating the distance we’ve traveled and our will to press on in order to remind us of our triumphs and bravery. Step into the new currents approaching.

5.10 Today we are guided to step out of our head space and mental prisons. Instead, we are entering a space of creative power and we’re connecting with the voice of our higher selves. The Universe is cheering us on in and fueling our sense of wholeness today by reminding us of our sacred connection to all that is. Don’t be surprised if you repeatedly glimpse the number 333 today. The angels are near and ready to assist us in all matters of the heart.

5.9 Today we are being divinely guided to create balance within our hearts and surroundings. We are urged to make important decisions from a place of vulnerability and offer creative gifts to the world. When we fall into a practice of reciprocity we are filled with passion and joy for life, and spark changes in everyone around us. Tap into your heart’s desires today and see them through.

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