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Eternal Flame

this is for you, sunflower ♥


And when the world is ending, search for the beginning.
Search for freedom and happiness; choice, openness,
release, obsession. And search for nothing at all. Soar. With arms
that stretch to opposite ends of the earth and winds that cuddle
your worries and grant fecundity. Do not beg for forgiveness. Accept Gaia
for all she is worth, welcome her with open arms. Breathe her
scent. Bathe in her moisture. Walk all over her. Adopt the fallen
leaves, forever embrace the fire within. Ask her and she will tell
you, and the leaves, trees, rain, sky, breeze: “Search for vulnerability.”

It takes courage to endure the sharp pain of self-discovery
To roam the path of who you are, to find the tower of your captivity.
Let down your hair, Rapunzel—for you can be free.
Unmask your knight. Remove your armor. The Savior is here,
Extending a sturdy-hand; offering the kiss of death.
You must die before you soar. And fall before you rise.
Cut off your hair, Rapunzel—for you can grow.
Dance to the beat of your heart. Sing to the song of your spirit.
And you will realize
the light, strength, power, love, allegiance is within.

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