Callings from a Face Unknown

The anima yearns for deep connection and calls to the ego to descend into the unconscious to dissolve and re-emerge whole. The unconscious, non-differentiated, anima can portray a sense of soft purity and an instinctively nurturing nature, but has a destructive, dark side that grips ego-consciousness and sinks it into the matrix.

Danny Heart, Falling into the Matrix: Analyzing Psychological Movement from Ego-Consciousness toward the Bottomless Subject (Oct. 2018)

When the anima calls, an instinct is awakened and a death-rebirth process is set ablaze. The dissolution of ego and Self separation is imperative for the re-membering of the bottomless subject, where the ego returns to witness the raw impulse that lies at bottom.

Danny Heart, The Differentiated Anima: Exploring Alchemy as a Technology of the Soul (Oct. 2018)
“During the individuation process, the totality of the psyche is constantly dissolved, differentiated and re-assimilated into a centralized awareness closer to the God-Image, or the true Self. In order to individuate, the ego must fall back into the matrix of which gave it life–the unconscious–in order to reconnect with nature and instinct during psychic restructuring… The meaninglessness that plagues the modern secular era trapped in an obtuse object, or the ecological disconnection from nature and interconnectedness, results from the evolution of consciousness in that contact has been lost with the universal patterns of energy that move through us. Accepting the destructive and crude aspects of the imagination and “ego-instincts” (as cited in Jung, 1968, p. 43) starves the need for destructive and crude habits and behaviors, attributed to repressed psychic energy living within the unconscious, to be expressed outwardly…” – Danny Heart, a paper on Jung, Individuation and the Symbolic Life (Oct. 2018)

Intentionally Untitled

For the Hopelessly Hopeful:      
It’s us…It’s always been us.
We, who – Abdicate the surface to love so deeply with our souls;
We, who trade our lungs with bated breath for organs filled with Their smiles instead.
We, whose veins are filled with the persisting scent of the lasts’ betrayal; Who release our past through the same vertical nicks that we’ll shelter our future.
We, who have a self-destruct-button of a heart.

We open up our veins expecting to bleed blissfully.
Idiotically. Repetitively.
We forget about the shock, the damage and the shut-down.
We end up fiend-ing for warmth in the palm of Their hands.
We end up anemic.

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