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Intentionally Untitled



For the Hopelessly Hopeful:

It’s us…It’s always been us.

We, who –
Abdicate the surface to love so deeply with our souls;

We, who trade our lungs with bated breath for organs filled with Their smile instead.

We, whose veins are filled with the persisting scent of the lasts’ betrayal;
Who release our past through the same vertical nicks that we’ll shelter our future.

We, who have a self-destruct-button of a heart.
We open up our veins expecting to bleed blissfully.

Idiotically. Repetitively.

We forget about the shock, the damage and the shut-down.
We end up fiend-ing for warmth in the palm of Their hands.

———— We end up anemic.

This is the first poem I ever composed! I was inspired by an aspiring poet on Twitter…I can’t find the poem or the poet, but a.h.–thanks for kindling my passion!

One thought on “Intentionally Untitled

  1. Beautifully said!!!!…I can relate…it’s a tearful cry of joy for someone to understand as poetically you have done!!! I thought this was my ex at first talking to me, but she’s gone , and I am crushed!!! So thank you for those who have the softest touch with their words!!! Happy holidays!!! From someone named Danny!!!


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